I am Ben.

Techno Bohemian.

Bogan Philosopher.

R(evolution) is afoot.

I reckon mankind is at the dawn of a new era. One which will be defined by digital evolution, intelligence & virtualization. In business, you need only cast your mind back a decade to see how much has changed. Computers, once superlative, are now a neccessity. We carry them in our pockets.

There will be a cost to progress. Automation will displace many jobs, and over the next few decades artificial intelligence (A.I.) and alien artificial intelligence (A.A.I. - that is, new intelligence created by intelligence) will challenge our assumptions of existence. Virtual realities will become addictive, places to escape to, from.

But the revolution will also bring with it amazing opportunity. It will help us realize that while we are neato individuals, we are also a hive. Already, the internet is empowering us to connect in ways which would seem telepathic to our ancestors, virtual reality will allow us to understand life in new dimensions, and A.I. will expand our minds.

Just look at Google. It's now a verb - "I'll Google it". Though Google is not a search engine. It's an A.I. It is the binary highway of an evolving people.


Let's do (good) capitalism.

Money & economy give us much. Throughout the centuries, money has been a reliable way to assign value to the exchange of goods & services. It would be difficult to pay for a massage with coconuts, to pay for a beer with eggs. I know. I've tried. Money gets a bad rap, but it's a rather clever invention which has seen us achieve great things.

Make no mistake about it, the Global Financial Crisis, of which we will see a repeat, was not caused by money & economy. It was caused by finance. Australia is presently at risk of another financial crash - particularly owing to our high levels of private & household debt, a housing market building towards bust, anaemic wage growth, systemic state corruption and rampant deregulation. A recent worldwide study of primary school children revealed they're more afraid of capitalism than monsters under their bed. There are reasons to be worried for the future.

I say, let's do good capitalism.

Mayo Magpie isn't going to solve any of that. Hell, I'm just a Mudgee bloke with his arse hanging out of his dacks.

I'm also protopian.

I don't believe the world is headed for dystopia or utopia. Rather, I reckon that society is a tug of war which produces 51% good shit and 49% bad shit. That 2% difference, compounded over generations, is human civilization. The best a bogan can do is try to nudge things in the right direction.

So I'm trying to do good capitalism. That begins with being open & honest, and giving you the genuine me. Not a focus-group styled, manufactured version of a business person or a corporate clone. There's too much bullshit in marketing, and I want you to know that when you deal with me, you get a true blue ocker dickhead, who's ahead of the curve, and knows how to make an impact.


Guaranteed weird.

You need me to be strange. The internet is a maze without a centre, and your customers have to find you in it.

The weird guy gets the clicks.


90% sweaty, hairy, burly man.

I love technology. I love cinema. And storytelling. I reckon video games are an office essential, on par with meditation. They say only really intelligent and really stupid people swear, and I fucking love that connsept consept concept.

Even my hair has hair.

I'm as ugly as a box full of bumholes, but there's an advantage in that. Have you ever stood inside the bottom of an industrial chimney stack and looked up? The isolation of light lets you see stars in broad daylight.

I can see, and capture, beautiful things from the fringe, because that's my advantage.

10% girly girl.

I love cuddles. I cry in Disney films. I like shopping - but not for jewelry, because it's just metal and rocks. I can stay up all night talking and ruminating on stuff, because in the company of a bright mind, I melt in exposition.

I cried right through Moana. Dunno why.

My vision of bliss is being wrapped in a doona, sitting on a verandah with the sticatto of tinrain in my ears, the scent of petrichor and a gal's vanilla hair, while we overlook a lake on a stormy evening.

I've also studied Psychology, I.T., Communications, worked with Prime Ministers, companies like Sony & Harvey Norman, produced, written & directed music videos, films and have 17 years experience building software. But anyone can do that stuff.

What you really need is my weird.


Are you ready to add Mayo?